The Rowan Tree’s Christmas gift guide!

Christmas is approaching us very quickly, how organised are you being this year when it comes to giving gifts? It can be extremely stressful when deciding what gifts to get your friends and family. With this Christmas gift guide, we are ensuring that you’ve covered this Christmas and have all your presents sorted early!

For the foodies:

Know someone that loves burgers? We have the perfect burger and sliders recipe book, delicious!

Does someone in your family love to cook? A new pair of oven gloves are a perfect gift for them as they are essential!

Know a tea or coffee lover? A good mug will always be a good present, find the perfect design from our wide selection over on our website.

Pizza! Everyone loves pizza, right? A pizza recipe, Ballymaloe cookery book is the perfect gift for anyone who loves pizza as much as we do!

Everyone loves desserts, right? So you can’t go wrong with this Step by Step desserts recipe book, it has over 400 classic and creative recipes for favourites and show stoppers!

For everyone:

Looking for a sentimental gift? We have a wide range of photo frames, find the perfect frame and then personalise it with putting any photograph in it for your friends and family!

A beautiful, delicate piece of jewellery is always a good idea. Our selection of jewellery over on our website (and in-store) makes the perfect gift for a special person!

Who doesn’t love a lovely, warm, bubbly bath? Especially now the weather seems to be getting much colder and Christmas just around the corner! The Bath House Prosecco Toiletry Set is a perfect gift!

We also have a selection of beautiful notebooks over on our website to fill with whatever you wish! Douglas the Boy Wonder is a fun, sweet notebook with Douglas printed on the front, with a stretchy red band keeping the pages neat.

A Busy B cardholder is an essential that not everyone realises they need until they have one. What a perfect gift!

Any of your friends or family love the ocean? We have an Inis scented, ocean-inspired candle created with a blend of natural waxes and a lead-free cotton wick is a perfect gift!

For the little ones:

A little teddy is always going to be loved! We have a Ragtales Mimmo teddy that is wearing a lovely knitted, spotty jumper. Perfect gift for a little one!

Know any little bookworms? We have some gorgeous wooden bookends which are beautifully made and hand-painted! They’d make a lovely gift for budding little readers!

A gorgeous little Sass & Belle metal cooking set is a cute little present, it comes in a handy flower print red and white case too!

When you first start losing your baby teeth, it is obviously extremely exciting knowing that a little fairy comes and collects it during the night! Make it even more special with a Gisela Graham Felt Tooth Fairy Pouch, a beautifully made fabric envelope and Velcro fastening.